Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radioactive Hip

I went for my MRI arthrogram today on my hip. They were running a bit behind so I got to listen to this lady tell me her life story in the waiting room til the nurse thankfully rescued me. She got me prepped and then a couple of docs came in and, after some explanation, located the right spot and shot the lidocaine into my hip. We all donned thyroid shields and they proceeded to inject the dye. I guess it was bound up when it was in cuz we removed the thyroid shields. They let me out into the hallway where I got to run up and down and see if it hurt. Damn it felt good to run! Oh how I love drugs! The downer is, if it didn't hurt, then it is most likely a labral tear. The good news is that means it's probably not a stress fracture (which I doubted anyway).

Next I was sent to the MRI suite where I was greeted by Aaron, the tech who did my MRI on my ovaries last year - about a year ago exactly! We joked about seeing each other yearly and that this was our one year anniversary. Now we're going steady! Hope I don't see him next year. They strapped me down, tied my feet together (so the hips couldn't move), put my headphones on (I chose Beatles music) and slid me into the tube. You gotta have a high tolerance for small spaces as the top is inches above your face. I thought about camping in a small backpacking tent - that and remembering when I did a Yoga Nidra class. I was in there for twenty minutes - but it did help. One thing I remembered from last year was my rings - they aren't pure silver like I assumed they were. Whenever they would shoot the rays (or whatever you call it) they would vibrate - a weird sensation, indeed. When all was said and done, they released me, and Aaron and I said our fond goodbyes and hoped this was the last time we'd see each other.

When I got back to the lab, I got Mattias to hold the Geiger counter to my hip to see if we could get a signal. We managed to get a light one going; when he put the probe on my arm, it was silent. Cool - in a nerdy, geeky, science way! Tomorrow I meet with Dr. O'Kane to discuss results and strategy. I'm thinking of asking if he'd sponsor Chris, Tracy, and me since we all go to him. We could get Team O'Kane tshirts - that would be awesome!

Update: No labral tear or stress fracture - just a really cranky psoas muscle - off for some rest, stretching and PT!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WR Training Run number one

Last Sunday (7/6), Tracy, Chris, and I headed out early to meet Jeff and Robin at Buck Creek campground for a preview run on the White River course. SRC was holding the first of two training runs up there and we were expecting to do the first loop, which tops out at 5800 feet at Corral Pass. Due to snow above 4000 feet, Scott decided to do the second half first, which tops out at Suntop (less than 5800). I was going along for a 15-16 mile run, and Robin was going to keep me company while the others did the 23 or 27. My adductor has been acting up and it was uncomfortable to start out running, but okay as long as I kept moving, and I had ibuprofen keeping the inflammation at bay.

After getting ready and seeing some of the SRC group arrive, we headed out towards the airstrip. When we came out onto the road, they headed one way, towards the trail to Fawn Ridge, while we headed the opposite way, where we inadvertently took a tour of the camp ground south of that junction. We came back to where we had left them to find Scott and Shannon there waiting for the runners to pop out onto the road. Scott was heading up to Sun Top after that to set up the aid station. We talked to him and tried to figure out where we were, and ended up getting a ride with Shannon back to our cars. We originally were going to go up with them to the top, but I really wanted to run the Skookum Flats trail. Plus my leg was really hurting (from stopping and standing) and I wanted to be able to get back to the car when I needed to. So in the end, we did an out and back on Skookum Flats trail, which is nice and soft. Leg was okay - no worse - and we had a nice time. Robin was great company and I really enjoyed the run. Click the pic for some photos of the day:

During the week I listened to my body and my pectineus muscle was not happy so I didn't run, but I did swim across Greenlake with my friends Karyn and Sarah and had more fun than I expected, given I haven't been swimming regularly! And Thursday Donn and I took an impromptu trip to Port Angeles and hiked the very easy hike to Hurricane Hill. It was a long but fun day! See some pics here:
Hurricane Ridge

I also got in a couple pool running sessions, some stretching and strengthening, and a short stretch session with Laura. But it still was complaining, though it has been getting slightly better, so I decided to rest it this weekend (no WR training run :-( ) and see what Dr. O'Kane has to say when I see him Monday. I did volunteer at SRC's Cougar Mtn series 10 miler (and had fun!), and if WR is a no go, I still plan to head down and help out. Meanwhile, a much neglected house will get cleaned, and my swimming and biking will get more attention.