Friday, July 20, 2007

another nice swim

Last night I found out my friends Paul and Teresa were back from climbing in Russia so I called Teresa to see if she was up for a swim. We hit Madison Park this morning at 8 and swam to the Tennis Courts and back - about 1.2 miles. It was lightly raining and very humid and still so the water was nice and flat and not a lot of boat traffic. The water was AWESOME and it was fun to watch the rain dancing off the surface. It just felt great to get out there and enjoy it. I think the time (for me) was about 40-45 minutes, and I had plenty left in the tank (I was taking it easy). So that got me to thinking about the Park-to-Park swim - if it's not too soon post surgery. I'll ask my doc next week at my pre-surgery meeting.

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