Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seattle Hardrockers

Last Friday was the Hardrock 100 - one of the toughest 100M ultras there is. It's all above 13,000 ft and has an overall cumulative elevation gain of 33,0000 ft. This years winners were both from Seattle - Scott Jurek and Krissy Moehl (also 3rd overall) and they both broke course records for the men's and women's races. Not only that, but Scott ran it on an ankle he rolled the Monday before the race! Damn! Good thing his PT background was there to help him decide whether to run. He almost didn't, according the paper. And I was impressed by Krissy in that she said she had cut her training mileage this time around from when she broke the course record in the HURT 100. Anyone who finishes HR100 is a mega stud in my book - like James Varner who got in at the last minute. He was undertrained and I'm betting didn't get there a month ahead to acclimatize, yet he was on pace to be in the top ten til it caught up with him. He walked more or less the last 25 miles but he finished! That's perseverance.

Congrats to all the runners - what a show!!

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