Friday, June 29, 2007

out they go!

After another weekend of missing a race and barely able to stand straight thanks to a swollen ovary, I've made the decision to evict both from the body. Surgery is scheduled for August 2, the day before my son's birthday. How ironic! I was thinking of having a going away party for them and having my friend Charlene design a cake in the shape of ovaries. I have a pattern from when I made a dish cloth for my boss, complete with infection with Mycoplasma genitalium! I also have a Tshirt with "fighting ovaries" on the front - that should be worn to my surgery! Let's hope for a warm day as it is a tank top.

Post surgery recovery should be about 2-3 weeks with no heavy activity - i.e., no running? After the incisions heal, should be able to swim (and kayak). And can bike too. But I PROMISE to take it easy!! This also means no Hood to Coast and no fall ultra. Maybe I'll find a half and work into it....Best of all - no more pain to keep me from running!

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