Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back on the water

Finally - a beautiful evening! After dinner, Donn loaded our kayaks on the car and we went in search of a launch site. Lake WA rowing club had no parking so we headed along Lake Union and put in at a public boat ramp (forget the name) with the motor boats. We went across the lake and headed towards Portage Bay. Lots of boat traffic made for choppy but fun water. We saw a very able kayaker coming towards us near the University Bridge. He was zipping along in a little fiberglass boat - glad I didn't have to keep up with him! At the east end of the house boats we headed back from whence we came. There were some new house boats in the 'hood - one that was made of metal and had some really cool artwork and sculptures on and in it. We gawked at it for a bit before noticing the occupant fiddling around inside. Guess he's use to that.

I found Cal's place but felt too shy to paddle up to it. Maybe next time. Must also find where Sarah's boyfriend Zach lives. There are lots of places to visit! When we got back to the launch site, we had to wait to get out. It was busy! What a beautiful day! We deserved it!!

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