Sunday, June 10, 2007

on the trail again

After recovering and then getting sick off and on for a couple of weeks, I am ready to get back out and hit the trails again. Only problem is 1) summer Saturdays are usually tied up with helping at a triathlon clinic, 2) I started a new job (which I love) and don't have free time during the weekday, at least not like I did when unemployed, 3) teaching ChiRunning and ChiWalking (which I also love) has increased, leaving little extra free time, and 4) band gigs are more numerous in the summer. So when do I get out there??? When I can. No more excuses. I had a scare last week that reminded me be in the moment more and take that running (and swimming and biking) when and where I can.

The week after Folklife, I woke up in the night with some abdominal pain and a fever. I called the doctor and my ensuing visit ended up with a CAT scan (to make sure I didn't have diverticulitis). Something seen on the ovaries put a pelvic ultrasound on the schedule for six weeks out. The next week, after a week of feeling better, the cramps were back, so I went back in and ended up getting an ultrasound sooner than six weeks out. A swollen ovary and mutliple cysts promted a blood test for a CA125, a marker for ovarian cancer. This is where I started freaking out. My mom died of cancer, possible ovarian, but it was too metastisized to tell. Plus I have/have had other friends with various types of cancer (breast, ovarian), so it was hitting a little too close to home. I left work early, got the blood drawn, got Donn to leave early, and went to Tutta Bella, where I got drunk (on only two glasses of wine, mind you). I spent a teary evening and got up early to swim with Teresa, after which I looked like I had been beaten up pretty badly, between puffy eyes and goggle eyes. By then I had gotten into a place where, if it was positive, I'd handle it like an ultra. Follow a plan and just get from aid station to aid station. Even fantasized about how I'd look with all my hair gone. By Friday afternoon, I was able to get hold of the nurse, who told me the test was neagtive. WHEW! I feel like I dodged a bullet!

Now the plan is, when I see my doc, to talk about my options and get another ultrasound to see if the ovaries have calmed down. I also intend to ask for the test for the genetic marker (can't remember if I had one) and if it's positive, out they go! I'm not using them much these days anyway, and my chances of osteoporosis are pretty slim, based on my last two Dexa scans.

So I celebrated last Friday with a run up at Cougar mountain! It was raining at the start, but not hard enough that you could tell in the canopy. I took it really easy and walked when it got too steep, protecting my peroneal muscle (I have peroneal tendonitis going on). I had a great time and cherished every moment of it! And the sun came out by the time I was finishing up! Oh yeah, and since I don't work on Fridays, that's my new long run day.

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