Sunday, August 19, 2007

first run post surgery

I ran around Greenlake with Terry last Saturday. Or I should say gently jogged and walked in the middle when my low abs were talking. It felt a little weird like I was not quite ready. A little out of shape. It could have been that we stayed out way too late on Friday visiting friends for dinner out in West Seattle. And we had a gig at Pike Place Market for their 100th anniversary. I am definitely not ready to run Hood to Coast so I am glad I dropped out of the team!

Afterwards I came home and took a hot bath (finally, I can soak!!) and lay down for a nap. Almost woke up too late for the Marysville gig! Donn drove and I was still groggy by the time we arrived. But it gets a little better each day though today I didn't get to all the errands I wanted to do. After shopping at Ballard Farmers market and PCC, I was too worn out and just wanted to go home and start the peach ice cream.

So tomorrow I may attempt a swim at the IMA before work and maybe a little run after work - who knows. I'm taking it one day at a time.

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