Friday, August 24, 2007

back in the swim

After a trial swim of 500 yds at the IMA last Wednesday, I wasn't sure I was ready to swim yet. My belly muscles were SORE after that swim!! And the hip flexors were a little sore too. But I thought - wait - I have a wetsuit that can act as an ace bandage! And if I wear my full one, I don't have to kick as much.

So this morning my friends Sarah and Karyn joined me at Greenlake. We decided to swim east beach to the dog tree (it looks like a terrier profile) and see how I felt. Sarah wore my shortie suit and I wore my full. The air was cool enough that I was not going to overheat. We got to the dog tree and I felt pretty good so we continued to the other side. Nice! After hanging out at West beach side and answering a guy's question about wet suits, we headed back east - INTO THE SUN!!! It was almost impossible to see the other side due to the glare, so we went to a buoy a little south and out of the sun. We hung out and chatted a bit, and then continued to east beach. We stopped to savor the beautiful morning. Karyn and I lamented that neither Donn or Chad liked to swim, and Sarah said Zach didn't like to get his face wet. I said Donn didn't either and Karyn said the same about Chad. Then I launched into a little teasing about them being afraid to get their makeup wet and called them girlie men. Pretty soon we were all giggling hard and treading water. I wonder what the people on shore thought....

It was an awesome morning and it felt great! to be back in the water and great to be with good friends!

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Journey to a Centum said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sounds like the swimming is going well. Just think, in about two months you can just swim out on I-5 when the rains come.

Sounds like you have made a good recovery from your surgery. Glad that everything went well.