Sunday, September 9, 2007

My own private Hood to Coast

Last weekend I really ramped up my running and I am pretty tired tonight. Friday I was off work and had free time to get a casual run in - about 3 miles. I was itching to go since I have been coming back very conservatively and not running two days in a row. I also took a risk knowing that Saturday I was going to run with Charlene and Sunday I was signed up for the IronGirl 5K at Greenlake. The run on Friday left me with a ton of energy so I really cleaned the house - mopped, dusted, straightened the clutter up. It felt great!!

Saturday I met Charlene at Discovery Park where we did a loop that included the beach trail. She was getting over a cold, and I was trying to hold back so we promised to walk the hills. But I must say, for getting over a cold, she sure was getting speedy! I think Scott has been "training" her hard! I was huffing to keep up at the start!! I want to improve my downhill technique so I really tried to open up going down the hills. Right foot is a little sore today. It was great fun though!

Then last night, I didn't get to sleep til after 12, and had to get up a little past 6 to get some food in me before heading up to Greenlake to the 5K. I walked/jogged to the community center, and got there in time for the race. I saw Ann Rinehart warming up, and she said she hadn't been racing all summer. She and Gina Young did the 5K. I got in line at about the 9:30 pace, and really felt woozy for a minute. I think it was a hot flash. When we started, I took it easy for a half mile, then started passing folks. I leap frogged with two gals I had been standing next to through out the race. They stayed ahead of me the last mile, but I caught up to them near the finish chute and we came across 1-2-3 with me as #3. My time was 27:41 - not a PR, but not bad for my first comeback race and also for being tired. Ann and Gina beat me in our AG, as well as two other women. I came in 5 out of 49. Not bad either!

Since you do three legs in Hood to Coast, and since I missed H2C due to surgery, I am calling this my private H2C, even though it was over three days instead of two! Now time to rest those legs and feet!!


Journey to a Centum said...


It was good seeing you again at the Cle Elum 50K. Thank you for your time as a volunteer. I never thought that I was going to get to the first aid station. It seemed like it took forever to get there. Many folks that ran with only one water bottle got kinda dry on occasion due to the distances between the self serve stations.

You would certainly be welcome to come join us on a Y-Run Club run one of these weekends. Unless we are all headed out to a big local race we meet at 7:30AM on Saturday mornings at the lobby of the Mel Korum YMCA on the South Hill of Puyallup. On Sundays we meet at various spots around the area for trail runs or "adventure" runs. You do not need to be a member of the YMCA to run with our club. You do however need to be able to drink coffee after running and enjoy endless hours of conversation during coffee.

Thanks again for your help. I can't believe I didn't mention meeting you in my blog. After reading it I realize I left a lot of important points out. PSBowe pointed out that I passed her at mile 28 not mile 18. I think that was a typo but it appears that my writing is not technically correct or representative of all that went on during the event.


Laura H said...

Hey Eric!

I'd really like to join some of your trail runs - especially if Michelle is there. She sounds like she likes an easy pace! And of course I enjoy coffee - I'm living in Seattle!! And conversation too -
thanks to my Texas roots!! As for the typos/memories - maybe you're still recovering from that 100 miler? I have a foggy brain for a week
after a marathon or more! :-) Keep me posted on your trail runs and maybe I'll pop in! Thanks....

Journey to a Centum said...

Michelle is a self proclaimed "pokey" runner but she gets it done! We are already talking about another 6 summits run going the opposite direction. We would climb the Section Line trail which is basically a chin scraper up to Tiger 3. Makes for a great start to a 17 mile trail run. We will keep you posted on where and when.