Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ramping up and feeling it

Since last Sunday, as of today, my weekly mileage is 30. Now that might not seem like a lot to most runners, but for me, it's the most (weekly) since last April. Add on to that two swims this week with our masters group. Another thing I haven't been doing much of since surgery. The pool has been closed since last summer, and after I was allowed back in the water, it hurt like hell. Took a while for the obliques and all those other muscles to come back. So swimming a mile in the lake just wasn't as much fun (though I did get in a few during September). Consequently, my upper body strength has suffered, despite starting a strength training regimen that includes biceps, triceps, and lats, to name a few.

So today we hit the trail at Rattlesnake Lake and climbed partway up Rattlesnake Mountain. I ran/walked up with Jerri while Tracy, Eric, and Austin zipped up the mountain. After returning to the start, we headed out the Snoqualmie Valley trail for a few miles, going down a gradual hill. Of course, we had to climb it on the return, so I was pretty dang tired by the time we got to the cars. Austin left, as did Jerri and Eric, so Tracy and I ran part of the Ironhorse Trail. We didn't go as far as we planned which was fine by me! I probably didn't eat as much as I should have, but it was also all the running, swimming, biking (to and from work and for errands), and weight training that added up to tiredness.

Despite all the crabbing, I still reached my goal of 30-35 for the week, and after resting, am looking forward to more.

I just got the video of Yiannis Kouros, the legendary Greek ultramarathoner, and watching him run is just amazing. It served as a great muse today when I was so tired - he would just keep going. On foot in front of the other, with attention to good form. I will try to watch it every evening prior to a long run!


Rooster said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for visiting my blog and keep up the good work.

Yes the rain is coming, I don't know about Seattle but we have been lucky so far. We all know it's going to come to an end so trying to enjoy all the dry days.

I am glad to hear your review of the Yiannis video. I am ordering it today!


Hart said...

be careful as you return to running more miles. if you are tired and unmotivated that is sometimes a good sign to slow down and maybe take a day off. i'm going through the same thing as i ramp up after my surgery.

it's hard to slow down with this cold and sunny seattle weather though!

good luck!

Laura H said...

Yah - that's why I am following a build-peak-recover schedule, although I have to be more disciplined about the recovery week! ;-)

Sounds like you are bouncing back nicely (can I say I told you so??). Keep it up and you will be kicking some major butt in 2008!