Saturday, December 22, 2007

tired flat ass

I ran 25K in the Pigtails Flat Ass this morning. Rain, cold and lack of sleep this past week made for a long slow run. I had insomnia 3 nights in a row and finally got on Zolpiden Thursday night. Took a half pill and felt AWESOME on Friday. Last night took 3/4 pill and felt really exhausted this morning. So 1/2 pill seems to be my dose.

I almost didn't start the run, but got convinced that a run might make me feel better. It did except that run was 16 miles and now I am tired again! I ran most of it by myself as not many others were doing the 15 miler and we missed the one other person about my speed who was. Nonetheless, I had an okay time really working my focuses when I got tired and I was extra good about taking a gel every 36 minutes. As a result, my legs feel good (though my metarsals are a little tired) and the exhaustion I feel is mostly from the effects of the medicine, I think. The first 5 miles were really pretty going along the Cedar River on a gravel trail. The houses across the river were nice but I wonder if they have gotten flooded before. They sure were close to the river. After five or so miles, the trail became paved and eventually ran along a busy highway. Not so pretty anymore, and noisy with all the cars speeding by on wet pavement. Oh well. I was glad when I finished although it was a little longer (by my Garmin) than advertised. That's not a bad thing - more miles in the bank - but I was really anticipating that last mile and it became two! I got a cute styrofoam pig made by Van (RD) herself and a hot cup of soup.

Afterwards I made it back home in time to give some friends their birthday presents and see old friends I haven't seen in way too long! Then a hot bath and off to make tofu turkey!

I have reevaluated my goals and am definitely not ready for a 50 miler. With the blood pressure issues and tight hip (left over from surgery) I needed to scale back my training. I'm cool with it - when I have my lab tests done and my ultra sound on my heart done, and have a better idea of what my body can take, then I'll get back on track. I'm hoping for at least one 50K this spring (Chuckanut?) and a few 25Ks. We'll see.


Journey to a Centum said...

Pigtails was a tough day for a long run. Nothing like getting drenched with a headwind on a cold day with cars misting you down as you run along a busy road.

Sorry for not giving credit for the picture I'm currently using for my blog header. I was looking through pictures from this year and I really liked the one that you sent to me. I'm fairly certain it was you.

Happy New Year! Have a great 2008!

Eric aka Trail Scat

Laura H said...

Yup - my friend Tamara took that photo of you sitting in the creek. What a great shot!

Hoping to be at Tiger FA (wish me sleep this week) - see you there?