Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year '08

Every year I do Club Northwest's Resolution Run and always go for the Trip and Dip option - a polar bear dive into Lake Washington. Well, actually not a dive, but more a reluctant walk off the boat ramp, complete dip to cover my head, and a faster walk onto shore, followed by a short run to the finish line. This year was no different except for a few things. The water temperature seemed warmer (did all those who went before me pee in the lake??). Also, I treated it more like a tempo run and really focused on keeping good form. My right hip is still a little tight where my scar is, and I must have been compensating because my left calf (and ankle/ achilles) has been cranky lately. In fact, there's been a little knot in the gastrocnemius; lots of massage, arnica ointment, and keeping relaxed lower legs is working to loosen it up. Anyway, though my time was a couple minutes slower than last year, and I am positive I didn't make the top three in my AG, I'm very happy with the run. It's the first time in a while I've felt good going into and coming out of a race, and I didn't have a heart attack going in the water (I'm semi-serious about this with all the issues surrounding my blood pressure and heart). So life is good right now!

Some "celebrity" sightings - Speedy Greg Crowther (I think he won) coming towards us on the out and back portion of mile 1-2, right behind the pacer car; Karen "kick-ass" Buttram (who is dealing with frustrating health issues, including tachycardia); Gina Young (who usually finishes top three - I think her partner, Ann Rinehart, won our AG); Greenlake Bob (Berg), trying to run from the eagle perched on a tree along the water; and all my running buddies from Chuckit - I miss seeing them so good to catch up. Oh yeah - and thanks to all the volunteers who made the run possible!

Lastly, my "crazy" new years resolution is to run every day this year, at least a mile. That may involve some running at airports if Donn and I head south for a tropical vacation. We'll see...also I got into Chuckanut 50K, so now I am committed to toughing out bad days/weeks (sleep-wise) to get ready for it. Yeehaw!

Happy new year to all and happy running, or whatever you do to float your boat!

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Karen said...

Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I did pee in the water. : )

Great New Year resolution, Laura. I'll look forward to hearing how you creatively meet that goal when busy life intrudes.