Friday, January 11, 2008

Running Resolution

Today is day 11 of the new year and so far I've managed to run every day. Most days are easy, and some are shorter than others (like ones where I would have had a no run day). While some people get in a run every day, for others it can be a challenge, trying to fit it in with work, social activities, and family obligations. And that is to say nothing of the weather - it can be downright ugly this time of the year, though, thankfully, not freezing and icy (most times). It requires a little creativity. For instance, Wednesday, I was going to get in a little run and hadn't really decided where to go. I called Donn and told him I was going for a short run, in case he got home before I got back. He said he needed some tofu from PCC, so there you go! Route was planned. I strapped on a waist pack, ran to PCC, got said tofu (and other stuff), and ran home.

Today was another one- my boss, who turns 40 tomorrow, has been stuck at home with a really sick family. He's the only healthy one, probably because he works at Children's hospital and has a primed and pumped immune system. We weren't sure he would be in, so we hadn't gotten a cake for lab meeting. Fifteen minutes before meeting he called and said he'd be in. We HAD to get a cake, and one of the folks said we could go in his car to get it. Turned out, his car was halfway to my house! Fortunately I wore my Brooks Radiuses to work today (I walked in), because we decided to run to the car. It would have been easier to just go to the bakery on the other side of University Bridge, but my friend got a plan stuck in his head so we had to go get his car. I wasn't peeved at all - I got my run in!

Tomorrow, it's Bridle Trails winter running festival. Lots of mud - 10 miles of it. Yay!

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