Saturday, February 9, 2008

start studded day

Stars on the trail

I got in a three hour trail run with two lovely ladies - Tracy and Laura S - today at Cougar Mtn. Tracy and I hit Discovery Pk yesterday for a two hour run so this was #2 of a back-to-back for me. There were lots of people on Cougar today, since Tony from Always Running had a group out there for training. We were running the opposite direction and at one point felt like salmon swimming upstream.

The conversation we had going covered various topics as usual and Tracy recounted a spill she had taken going down a switch back one time. There was a guy behind her and above, higher up, and she kept looking to make sure she wasn't in his way. When she fell, she looked up and didn't see him. Turned out he fell at the same time, and later told her when he saw her he always fell. Was that a pickup line?

Later we were running down Wilderness Cliffs and a dog followed by a group of guys came bounding UP the trail. We stepped aside and I recognized the dog as Piper, who belongs to Justin Angle. I played with her and she nearly bowled me over in her joy. That dog loves to run! Behind her came Justin and I confirmed it was Piper and introduced myself. Behind him came Scott Jurek, who said hello to me, and immediately slipped (it was a really steep muddy part) stretching his entire length down the hill in an uphill fall. I told Tracy to add him to her list of men whom she makes fall. Matt Hart came up behind him, followed by someone I didn't recognize (I felt bad too as I had been calling out names like a race announcer). Funny - earlier, as we were starting to descend down the switchbacks, I had told my friends that Scott had suggested running UP this trail for uphill tempo runs. When I saw him, I reminded him he had told me to run here (he probably tells most his local clients to do that) and said (jokingly) "well screw you!" He said "excuse me?" to which I yelled I was just kidding! Oh the trail does bring it out in me - have to watch myself!

As usual I rolled the weak ankle several times, but the last little loop we did (Klondike to Cougar Pass) I really wrenched it. I walked quite a bit while they ran ahead. Part of the issue (I think) is my right eye tears up with cold air (going downhill) and it doesn't drain well, and it distracts my whole body and mind, and then I land wrong. I've had the duct clean out before; think I'll call my optometrist and look into this (so to speak).

Stars in politics

We got back in time for me to shower and change while Donn made me lunch. After taping the ankle and putting on a brace, we were off to our neighborhood democratic caucus. We found our room and we walked right in to stand next to our awesome neighbors. The only thing missing to keep it from feeling like a block party was a keg of beer! Donn was decided but I went in undecided. So I was fortunate to be on the listening end of both sides (Clinton versus Barack). Eventually, through the listening and deciding, I went over to the Barack side and ended up as an alternate to the next meeting on April 5. We had three precincts in our room (a gym) and David Horsey, a neighbor, was walking around taking notes for fodder for his next column or cartoon. It was really interesting to be such a non-anonymous part of the process and listen to the passionate arguments about people's choices. This is an exciting time to be alive and I have felt more involved in the process now than I ever have. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.


robtherunner said...

WOW! Great running this weekend. It's always cool to see the local fast guys out on the trails blazing by. Nice seeing you at Lord Hill as well. Running by at least.

Michmas said...

Hi! I'm not sure we've actually had the chance to meet eachother even though we've been doing all of the same races :)

Thanks for the well wishes in Vietnam and hopefully I'll see you on the trail soon. Are you doing Chuckanut? If so, let's see if we can introduce ourselves there!


Laura H said...

I think we did meet one time but it was several years ago at a baby shower in the Beacon Hill neighborhood (for Heather Johnston). At any rate, I am signed up for Chuckanut and will be there. I should post a race calendar on my blog. Also will be doing Orcas 25K but looks like you'll be elsewhere! :)

KendraBo said...

Hi Laura, I used to get out to Cougar at least twice a week and do the 13 mile loop - I don't miss the drive but I do miss how perfect the loop was - I never got bored, always ran into people I knew, and there was plenty of elevation gain. And then there was the yummy Pho place in Factoria for afterwards. :) I'm not nostalgic (yet) but I do miss it!

Yes, this is an exciting time...for America... (fingers tightly crossed!).

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed you ladies on the trail. Sounds like you had a great time. Michelle M, her dog (Brutus) and I ended up running Squawk on Saturday and hit quite a bit of snow on the top. Fun stuff.

Great job at Lord Hills and good luck at Orcas (I'll be at Whistler).

Devon said...

I am jealous that you can find your way around Cougar Mountain. Alison is teaching me the way around. Some day I will get it!!

As for a delicious carrot cake recipe per your request, here is one from one of the best gf blog around
You can make it vegan by using egg replacer and using apple sauce instead of yogurt. Also, don't use vegetable oil...use a light tasting olive oil. If you need help, email me.... And if you get too jammed up , sneak on over to Flying Apron and grab one of their delicious gluten free vegan alternative sweetened cakes...

Laura H said...

Thanks Devon! It took me a while to figure out my way around Cougar - in fact, I was commenting to my running buddies that a year ago at this time I would have been lost and clueless. I'm getting there slowly to where I don't have to consult my map very often. I'm excited to try this cake and will make a big batch so all can enjoy (I hope)!

Kathleen (and Michelle) - sounds like Brutus is healed! Yay! Glad y'all got up to Squak - that's a tough one!

Kendra - hurry and get better so you can enjoy Orcas too!!

Devon said...

I am excited for you to make that cake too. Anything gluten free, vegan makes me excited! And I <3 carrot cake! See you this weekend!