Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bachin' It

I'm bachin' it this weekend - Donn and Orkestar Zirkonium are on tour with Circus Contraption. They played in Olympia last night, Eugene tonight, and Portland tomorrow night. I'm holding down the fort and giving Abby her daily meds, as well as getting bugged by her constantly. You'd think that cat would be happy just to hang in her bed - I worked hard to make it for her!
Anyway, I've been enjoying having the house to myself and sleeping in late. Donn is usually up and at 'em early and I always feel a twinge of guilt for hanging out in bed. It gets even worse when I can smell the espresso brewing. So what have I been doing?

Well...last night I went to swimming, had the lane to myself, and stayed the whole hour, doing the entire workout. Haven't done that in a while! It started late (8:30) because they had the dive-in movie before our group. Earlier in the day, I had gone out to Agua Verde with the lab to celebrate Matthias's birthday. He is from Switzerland and tradition there is he buys all the birthday drinks. I got one margarita, which is usually my limit. But then HK got up to get more and I ended up with another. Holy moly! I rode home (only a couple miles) and could barely feel the pedals turning. I had been going since early that morning, so the alcohol added to the fatigue. Donn was about to start dinner when I walked/stumbled in; I went straight up to bed and passed out til he called me for dinner. By the time I decided to go swim, I was feeling better but a headache was already coming on. So when my coach asked me how I was feeling about halfway through the workout, I thought he was referring to my inebriated state. I replied that the alcohol was almost out of my system. It was then I realized he was talking about recovery from Chuckanut! Oh yeah - that! I was happy to report I just had one tender toe, but other than that I felt good.

After knitting way too late (check out this endless knot pattern I put on one of the arms of my sweater)I fell into bed and slept the sleep of death. It was great! I woke my lazy butt up and puttered around the house, finally getting over to Discovery Park for a couple of loops about 10:30. I ended up running only 7.5 miles, but the first loop was not as easy as planned. Someone was breathing hard down my neck about half way through and I couldn't shake them. Finally, the last hill before the visitor's center, I was able to leave them. I looked back and saw some woman catching her breath but not sure it was her. I wanted to yell - hey I am recovering, leave me alone! but instead just pushed through it. Second loop I ran some extra trails and went to the beach and back up. I ran into Kathy J. and her training partners getting ready for Vancouver full and half. They had finished up a long run and looked great!

Back at the car, I decided to call it a day. I had been trying out a new ankle brace and my metatarsals on that foot were feeling the difference, so I didn't want to push it. After a trip by PCC (they will be carrying Chia seeds in a month for those interested) I came back home and now have to decide on what movie I want to get. It will be one Donn wouldn't find himself watching; maybe the Bee movie, since that's what was playing at the dive-in.


Devon said...

Glad you got the Chia seed report from PCC. I haven't had to find a place to purchase any yet since I have been in Seattle, as I brought a decent supply from SF!

Movie night!! Yeah!

Alison said...

I love the knot! You inspire me. I really am going to start knitting. Knitting is knotty, you know. Have you seen that t-shirt? That's reason enough to knit. :)

Laura H said...

Haven't seen that knotty knitting thing but I like it! I just finished the sweater - just have to block it so it will look prettier! The knitting can be addictive so watch out!