Monday, March 10, 2008

An interesting week

Haven't posted since there were no races last weekend but it's not because life hasn't been interesting. This month marks the anniversary of the death of Susie Stephens, former executive director of Bicycle Alliance of Washington, and a friend of mine. When Susie was director of Bicycle Alliance, they had a raffle which I had entered. I got a phone call from her, all excited, because I had won a bicycle - a Montague folding bike, which my son uses to this day. She told me it was really fun when she picked someone's name and she actually knew the winner. I really miss Susie, as do many, many people.

Fast forward to last week. There was a product show at work put on by Fisher Scientific where they showcased all the vendors they work with. You got a "bingo" card and if you got at least 20 signatures from the vendor reps, you could put your card in a raffle. I got 25 signatures and actually had a nice time checking out all the new lab ware out there. I went back to my lab and an hour or so later the phone rang. My boss picked it up as I joked that it must be someone calling to tell me I won something. I heard him say 'yes she is, just a minute.' It was for me and it was Susie Miller, a friend, from Fisher telling me I won something and had to come get it. I went over to the show and she said 'It's always fun when you pick a name and it turns out to be someone you know!' Where had I heard those words before??? I won a gift card to REI for $100! Wow!

It was only when I was walking back to the lab I realized that this month was the anniversary of Susie's death and how odd/funny that someone named Susie called to tell me I won something.....thanks Susie (both of you)!


robtherunner said...

An interesting occurrence, but nice that you were able to remember your friend because of it. What a tragic accident.

Devon said...

Hey lady,
Great to see you out there on the BGT :) So I haven't had the time this week to make you your very own load of banana chocolate chip bread and ice cream, owing to some big life changes. But that said, I am going to ! Next week (or I will make you something equally delicious!) See you tomorrow!

John Z Wetmore said...

In case you haven't seen it, here is a video of Susie Stephens at the ProBike/ProWalk conference in Santa Barbara in 1998:

John Z Wetmore said...

The Susie Stephens video is moving from Blip TV to YouTube. Here is the new location:

Laura H said...

Thank you John!