Saturday, May 24, 2008

Training the BTM way

Week of life change....

Donn's job was one of the casualties of the (historic) layoffs at UW in the UW Technology (til recently it was called Computing and Communications). For some interesting comments regarding this, click on the soundoff. The last two comments (#7 and 8) really say a lot - at least in my opinion. So what does this mean for us? Until Donn lands on his feet or starts receiving unemployment, we will have to do with my salary, which is about a third of what he brought home. Kinda scary, but I think we'll do okay. One day at a time is clearly in order here! The thing that really riles me (in addition to the layoffs) is for TWENTY years of service, he got one month's severance pay. I'm not sure if that's the norm in today's world, but it sure it cheap.

Training "Brian Morrison" style....

With the life stuff going on, and work getting busy (we're starting a new project that I'm very excited about), it's been tough to get all my running in. Suffice it to say, I didn't meet my weekly mileage goal, but then all the folks I ran with today don't train that much anyway (and some of them are getting ready for 50 milers too). Note that most of us are over 50 and those under are over 45, so maybe they are on to something. But that's not what I am referring to when I say "Brian Morrison" style.

Friday I wanted to take a friend out to Watershed Preserve. She's a road runner and she works near there, and she had never been on that trail before. Normally I take Friday off from running to rest up for my long run on Saturday. But this time I threw caution to the wind and took my friend out for a 5 mile loop in the preserve. I figured my legs would be ready to go on Saturday, as that's not that far. The other thing about this weekend is it's Folklife - which means several gigs for Donn and at least one for me. Friday night was the annual party at Bob G's house where he hosts a slew of Morris Dancers who have come in from out of town to dance at Folklife. It's always a good time and Bob's house is absolutely stunning, set next to Discovery Park and overlooking Puget Sound. There are always lots of musicians there, so jam sessions are inevitable. I knew I was running long early Saturday and almost skipped the party. Donn was going anyway to see if he could get in some networking and tuba playing. I decided I would prep everything for Saturday and go with him.

We got there about 8:30 and were treated to the most gorgeous sunset I've seen in a long time, with brilliant colors over the Olympic Mountains. Too bad my camera was at home! Donn and I agreed we would stay til 10:45 at the latest. I saw and chatted with folks I hadn't seen in a while and met some new ones. Finally about 10:15, people started gathering to play together. Several fiddles, a recorder, a drum or two, a bagpipe, guitars, banjos, accordions, a musical saw (!), and Donn on tuba filled the room with all sorts of music. I settled down in a comfy chair and enjoyed the show and sipped on a beer. About 11, Donn looked over at me to see if I was ready to go, and I mouthed "one more song". I thought of Brian and how he used standing on tired legs at a concert til 1:30 am, and viewed this as training his screaming legs to toughen up. Okay -this wasn't exactly like that, but getting to bed past midnight and up and out the door way too early would push my body to run when tired - much like the later part of the 50 miler. We finally left about 11:15 and I was in bed before 12:30 am - at least five hours of sleep!

Masters Runners at Tiger....

I picked up Chris and Tracy at Chris's house at 6:45 and we drove to the south end of the Tiger Mountain Trail off Hobart Road to meet Jeff, Robin, and Tim. Not a single person under 45 was in the group - a little different from past runs, but great for comparing training notes relative to our aging bodies! We set out with Tim leading the way - he was a machine climbing the hills and not looking like he was working hard at all. I was surprised at how good I felt - not as tired as I expected. We ran/walked up to Paw Print station, where I took advantage of the facilities. Jeff had left a car on a different part of the road, and left us to do a return on our own. We had a nice mostly downhill run. The cool thing for me was I decided not to wear my brace (though it was in my pack) and overall my ankle did great! I do have a blister under my left bunion, so I still need to figure that out. Almost to the end, we saw Eric coming up the trail by himself. I swear they let anybody on the trail!! He asked if we saw the bear up the trail (near Paw Print?). We hadn't but I guess he/she had been sighted by several folks. After more nice downhills we made it back to the car in four hours and headed for home.

I still don't know if I'll be able to make the cutoffs for White River 50, but it doesn't matter as much to me as getting out and enjoying the scenery! I love having this outlet to let go of life's stresses! And finding new ways to train (i.e., the Brian Morrison method) is always a bonus!


robtherunner said...

No doubt that staying out and up late is an effective ultra training method. I think there should be some scientific experiments set-up so we can get some hard data :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Your group looked like a lot more fun than my solo 12 Summit run. I didn't see the bear and cub but Brian Morrison and his running buddy did. He said it was stubborn and didn't want to go away.

I really expected you guys to catch up with me on your return cause I was really dragging on the climbs. I didn't realize you were just doing 6 summits. I should have turned around and bummed a ride back with you guys. It would have saved the agony of those monster climbs.

We all had a really good day compared to the poor person who had their brand new Toyota Landcruiser crushed by a dead tree at the water drop on Tiger Mt. Road. When I stopped to get my cooler I had stashed for the run, the tree had just fallen and was laying across the car and the road. Two other cars had stopped and we worked to clear the road. The tree hit the SUV at the front pillars of the windshield and crushed the top down to the dashboard. I can't imagine how the owner felt when they finished their hike/run and discovered their car.

Good seeing you out there! I couldn't tell you had been up half the night by looking at you.

Alison said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! You will have so much fun at White River and you'll do great! Sometimes not meeting your training goal as far as mileage is a good thing so your body can rest anyway. Especially if you're stressed, if you try to push your body too much it will revolt. No good.

Backofpack said...

Dang - sorry to hear about the layoff. That is a bummer.

Sounds like a great party and great run! I am going to get Eric to take me out for a six-summits sometime later this summer. We did it once last year, slowly, and I really enjoyed it.

olga said...

How I know about "one day at a time"'ll make it:)
Training is supposed to be fun, and that's how I look at it, so whatever strikes your fancy!

Michael said...

Hey Laura,
It was nice to meet you in person on Sunday...funny how small the world can be sometimes!

shawn said...

Sorry to hear about Donn's job loss...hope that better things are in his/your future. You'd think they would at least get a nice send-off (maybe he did) with a watch or..cake? Keep us posted. One day at time, you'll make it. And, you can subsist on gu's in the meantime ;)

Glad you got out this past weekend for a run on's been a while, will have to get out there myself.

And nice job on little sleep. I did some BMT myself on Saturday at 20th Century. ZZzzzzzzzzz! :)

See you at Lake Youngs!