Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More good training

Last weekend was a big training weekend for me - at least in terms of my schedule. I was supposed to get in a 16 and a 20 miler, but I'm starting to be okay with doing what I can do. I also had to fit in a ChiRunning intro class in there somewhere. And to top it off, I was supposed to work Friday, processing a sputum sample (yum!) for a study I'm helping on. Here's how it all turned out...

Friday....lowered expectorations lead to a long run

Our patient couldn't produce a good "specimen" (i.e., they weren't expectorating that day) so my Friday became free. Seeing as how Saturday was going to be pretty busy and on the feet all morning, I went for a run from my house to Discovery Park. I went through the Locks and into the park via a back way (a secret I cannot reveal lest it becomes overrun), ending up at the Indian Cultural Center. I took in the lovely view of the Sound and continued into the park. I had been feeling particularly blue and really felt like I just wanted to sit and cry. It was weird since I haven't had that feeling (hormonal like) in about 20 years, but there it was. It lasted for about six miles, when down by the beach I saw a woman walking towards me. I flipped on my sunglasses so she wouldn't see my sad eyes. Wouldn't you know it?? She stopped me to ask if I knew where the restrooms were. I was able to answer her and snap out of my funk at the same time. It never came back. Whew!!

I did a couple loops that included the beach and then ran back the way I came. The Locks were really crowded the second time through. Got back home and treated myself to a nice ice bath - 18 miles down. Still dislike the pavement too.

Saturday...if I faint, will I still be demonstrating good form?

I had a ChiRunning intro class to teach to thirteen people from 9-1. It went well, especially when we got to exercises and it became more interactive. When I was having to do all the talking there were times where I felt I was on the edge of bonking. But they were all understanding and we took a break about every 55 minutes to refresh. Just like hitting the aid station, I fueled up and took care of my personal needs. The last hour of the class we went outside and did some light running to put it all together. That was fun (as always); but then they wanted to see how it was supposed to look and asked me to run for them. I mustered up my best form and hopefully showed them what they were wanting to see. But it was hard since I was tired - great practice for later in the race when I am tired!

Later that evening we went out to eat (get a couple extra bucks, get more beer - Donn says that's the life of the unemployed!) and went to a goodbye party for a friend. We were back home early so I could get some sleep before meeting Tracy and Chris for a run at Cougar Sunday morning.

Sunday...Cougar and It's a Small World After All

Tracy, Chris and I met the other SRC runners at Red Town Trail head. The plan was to say "hey" and do our own thing, but follow their route. Phil was leading and I had him check out my Mizuno Wave Ascend 3's. I think I am finally in love, at least this month. My Innov8s were great in really muddy stuff, but they still felt a little too tight in the toe box and a little too hard for my old feet. So I was trying the Mizuno's to see how they would do.

We all started heading up Red Town Trail and were soon left in the dust by the younger more energetic folks (there was one woman who looked like she might be in our age range - she was tough and hung with them). The really cool thing about running with them is that at every junction, they (Phil?) would place three fern fronds in the shape of an arrow telling us where to go. This was so cool as we didn't need to stop and think about it!

We decided to not do the Wilderness Peak loop as Tracy is still taking it easy on her fibula. So when we were stopped, a few came by, including Michael Havrda. Now here's the funny part: a few posts back I reported on a neighborhood project where we put up orange crossing flags at a couple of crossings. We had solicited donations, one from Bastyr Clinic, which is at one of the crossings. They kindly donated some money, which I received in the mail (I bought the flags). The letter included was very nice and signed by a one Michael Havrda. I kept seeing this name in race results - like third overall in North Face 50K. I kept wondering to Donn if it was the same person, and he, ever the doubting Thomas, would always say no way. So when we ran into Michael, Tracy started talking to him (she met him at NF) and I asked if he was the same guy. Hah! He was! I couldn't wait to get home and brag to Donn at how RIGHT I was!! I had that song "It's a Small World After All" stuck in my head all Monday!

We wrapped up our run at 10 miles, said hi to Michael again in the parking lot (he was getting in 34 miles that morning), met his fiance Shannon, and headed back to Seattle. At Chris's, we hung out with daughter Emily and wife Nancy and went over to the Volunteer Park Cafe for coffee. It smelled SO GOOD I had to get a slice of the veggie quiche! Nancy used to be in the dental field as an administrative support person and I used to be in the Perio dept doing vaccine research. We caught up on all the people we knew in common. Tracy and Chris were doing the usual "Laura knows everyone" when I felt someone touch my shoulder and say "We missed you at swimming." I couldn't remember her name, but definitely know her! She swims several lanes over; that's the funny thing about swimming - unless you are the same speed, you probably won't get to know your pool mates very well. Anyway, it was good timing on her part relative to Tracy and Chris's teasing!

The rest of Sunday was spent lazing around and watching the rain fall. Oh yeah - and the Mizunos did spectacular! I didn't wear my ankle brace OR tape it, and it handled the roots and rocks like it was used to them! And the width was great - forefoot loved them! Guess it's my summer shoe for now...til they change it!


Michael said...

I'm glad you were able to rub it in Donn's face...did you do the "I told you so" dance?

Laura H said...

Nah - sometimes a smug look says it all!