Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baker Lake - more volunteer fun!

Though some might think I'm going for maniac status for volunteering, I'm really using it as an excuse to go hang out in the woods all day long. That said, I worked the aid station at Baker Lake 50K, got some more "forest time" and had a pleasant time getting to know more folks in the ultra scene. Robin and I were the aid station captains, but I felt I barely had to lift a finger thanks to the folks hanging out waiting for their runners. They were runners themselves and knew what made a good aid station work!

When the runners had all come through the first time and were safely ensconced on the trail, I sat down to my knitting to finish the cuff on a slipper. I got it done just in time - a minute later James came barreling in! He threw off his shirt, grabbed some goodies and headed back out. He was having a lot of fun! Other folks rolled in in his wake, including Eric and Michelle Barnes, celebrating their 29th anniversary with a trail run together! Steve Stoyles and his son Robin were with them at the 20 mile mark. One of the stellar helpers, a veteran of several Western States and Leadville runs, was helping Robin refill his water bladder. He told him he really needed to clean it. Turned out Robin had borrowed it - I won't say whose it was but he knows who he is! Geez - they make stuff to clean it; so use it already! Anyway, it was another fun day in the woods and the race seemed to come off really well, despite the frantic last minute re-routes. And the rain held off til the end! Nice job Shawn and tc! Enjoy the photos!


robtherunner said...

Green algae in your Camelbak builds character. I did actually just clean it before I lent it to him. Really, I did! I am trying to build up an immunity to Giardia :)

Backofpack said...

You know, I saw that bladder about a year ago and was totally grossed out. It hasn't got any worse, so I guess it's just stained. Laura - thanks for being out there! It's amazing how much I look forward to seeing someone I know at the aid station - it just gives me a lift like no other. I really appreciate it! From what I've heard, other runners feel the same way. You're the best!

Laura H said...

Rob - I guess there are some nutrients in green algea - they grow vats of it to sell in health food stores. Maybe you're on to something.

Michelle - Aw shucks! It's fun to see folks I know out there too! I hope you and Eric are celebrating the day in style as I type!

Sunshine Girl said...

I trust that all of your early morning volunteer duties have included some great cups o' coffee!! I envy the great running community you have in the PNW -there's always some great event happening from weekend to weekend. Lucky you!

shawn said...

Laura - I'm so glad you were having fun out there. The rain almost held off completely. Please let me know if you need a letter of recommendation for your further volunteering endeavors ;-)

Thanks for being there!

Mama said...

Laura, I googled it. It was easy though. Brown paper bags torn and crumpled, wall paper paste both on the wall and the bags and over the bags. I watered down the paint 3parts water to 1 part paint and brushed it on kind of messy trying not to make it a really even coat.