Monday, September 15, 2008

Cle Elum - more volunteer duties - briefly

Cle Elum Ridge 50K volunteer report in brief.....

Friday night - beer and pizza in Roslyn with JV, AH and WW, followed by camping and sleeping under the stars at the race site.

Saturday morning - Socializing, ES shows off his fancy water, and race starts. DM and I head to AS2 and set up; enjoy beauty all around;

replace ES's fancy water (in drop box) with empty Pringles can.

Runners start coming: JV in lead; ES panics over missing water (priceless); chat with MB waiting for SS (they later go to crew EB and RH at Plain); yuk it up with DM and the ham radio guys; go out to meet sweeps....try to take GT's photo

GT's powers prevent clear pic

meet last three runners on trail; meet sweeps and head back; take LB back to finish.

At finish - eat good food and get one of GM's beers. Shoot the breeze then head home. Good times had by all.

photo -Glenn Tachiyama


robtherunner said...

I was able to guess almost all of the initials before clicking on the links.

Backofpack said...

I like yours and Rob's new style of blogging. I get really wordy, may have to try this!

It was great seeing you this weekend. I'll be looking for you at Baker!

Laura H said...

Funny - I wrote this BEFORE I read Rob's post! I guess great minds think alike! ;)

Steve S said...

That's for doing AS2 and the encouragement. It's nice to see friends if only for a few seconds. That is what it's all really about.

Jim said...

Hello Laura,

I'm looking for all able bodied women to run Wakely next year. Any chance of getting you to the NY wilderness in July09? Check us out:


I'd love to share Chi-running stories. It saved my hips and ankles.

RD Jim

Journey to a Centum said...

I think you are vying for ultra trail running volunteer of the month! Looks and sounds like a lot of fun!


Laura H said...

Dang! You found out my ulterior motive! Actually, I was going for a maniac version of volunteering.