Monday, September 1, 2008

Good busy Labor Day

This was a good day - I got up this morning and decided my body could handle a little run. After a shot of espresso and a little food, I got dressed and headed out the door towards Fremont. I was able to run/walk for 30 minutes with no bad effects! Yes! From that I had a lot of energy and did a little work around the house, til we decided to load the boats on the car and get in a little kayaking.

That was pretty sweet - we went over to Mercer Island, and drove around for half an hour til we found a little secluded pocket park to put in. It was nestled between some huge gated mansions - I still can't figure out who has that much money to build those things. Anyway, we were on public land, so they had to tolerate the riff-raff. We launched the boats - we were on the east side of MI. I won't say where because 1) I don't think those folks would be very happy and 2) I couldn't tell you if I tried! After crossing the East Channel, going under I-90, and heading past Enatai beach, we went into the Mercer Slough and paddled as far as 405, where it was blocked for further navigation. It was quite a nice paddle with calm waters, some wildlife and interesting scenery. Wish I had brought the camera, but there are plenty of photos online. Coming back out of the slough, we had to cross the channel again, through rough water and windy conditions. As soon as we went under I-90, it calmed down. Back at our destination, as I was getting out of the boat, I sat down in the water. That was the worst thing to happen, and that wasn't bad. All in all, nice afternoon - and good day! I'm pooped!


Steve S said...

You do some great cross training. Sitting in the water was just like a good cold water bath after the trail runs. Glad to hear you are recovering. My son Robin ran his first marathon at Michelle's Grande Ass this weekend. Now he's talking about his next marathons or trail ultras and becoming a Maniac. Takes after his crazy dad. See ya on the trails soon.

Cheers and peace

Laura H said...

Congrats to your son on his first marathon!! You and your dad must be stoked!

The lake wasn't as cold as some of the rivers but it's getting there. I used to soak at Madison beach after long runs along Lake WA Blvd - watch out for boats though! Those waves hitting the crotch can be a real surprise! ;)