Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun on Tiger with Chris

My new BFF (best friend forever, for the clueless) Chris, whom I met through Alison (thank you thank you Alison!!) lives part time next to Tiger Mountain. The other time is spent in Winthrop. I'm so lucky cuz when she is on this side of the pass, and not working, I get to join her and the dogs for a hike on Tiger, starting from her place. She and Dave have built a trail that joins other "neighborhood" trails and leads up to Tiger Mtn's trails. We hiked a four or so mile loop on MLK Day and then again yesterday. The dogs got in some good exercise and we got in some good talk time, though the pace was not leisurely by any means (I don't want it to be!) And yesterday, we were joined by Leah, new buddy Ted, and Eddie the Wonderdog (yes, I am in love with him.)

Ted is testing some new shoes that have a one mm sole made of puncture proof fabric. They allow him to still run barefoot but avoid puncture wounds from sticks and rocks. He was having a blast testing them out on all sorts of surfaces. Leah was being a patient but slightly nervous mom - Eddie is brand new to the trails and Chris convinced her he would be okay off leash. Amber and Diva knew the route and he pretty much hung with them til we got around a loop. He took off, and didn't come when called, so Diva went up to get him but came back empty-pawed. Chris suspected he was following our scent around the loop and we should stay put. After a few minutes Leah and Ted decided to go look for him. Chris and the dogs and I waited, and sure enough, about 15 or so minutes, Eddie came trotting up the loop with a hiker, like he knew what he was doing! He was so funny! The hiker was a nice fellow who didn't seem to mind the company at all. He left and we held on to Eddie til they got back. We finished our hike (where Ted got to really test the shoes over some sharp rocks) and then enjoyed being catered to by Chris with toast and tea, in a warm cabin. On the way home Eddie crashed until Ted started taking his photo and he wanted to know what all that beeping was! Here are some of the photos from MLK day and yesterday....

Self portrait - C&L

WTA built stairs

Diva on a tree that blew down in the recent storms. Chris's friend Bill attacked it with his chainsaw.

Ted holds up a potential table top

Those shoes are great for balancing on a log

They also did well over sharp rocks

Chris and the girls wait for Eddie's return

Sir Eddie looking very handsome with his lovely mistress Leah


Backofpack said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, and all three dogs are beautiful. Good times on the trails!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like fun! I wish I could get to Tiger more often.