Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waikiki to Cougar - a study in contrast

I found a couple more Waikiki photos from my last day there, Christmas morning, when I took an early morning run along the Ala Wai canal and past the deserted beaches. Today, Chris and I went up for a "short" run, more of a hike, at Cougar. While some of my friends were being moronic fat asses (really!) on Tiger, we were sticking to the lowland stuff. Still enough snow to make it a challenge, especially for someone as out of shape as myself! Enjoy the photos!

ala wai canal and Honolulu

early morning beach in Waikiki

snowy trail

blow down

Chris charging up the trail

yet another winter wonderland shot. You sick of 'em yet?

watch out where the huskies go. look out for the yellow snow. (Zappa)

the snow finally made it snap...

frozen fern


Backofpack said...

To really complete the photo contrasts you need to add a picture in bikini and a picture in snow gear!

I guess we're in for some warmer temps and rain. I'm looking forward to it!

robtherunner said...

I think I like the snow photos better. The sunny beach ones are just too far away to feel like they are actually real. It must be some fantasy world that I don't know about.

Lisa B said...

Beautiful pictures here!

Just wanted to thank you for your email during ATY. I REALLY appreciated it. :)

Thank you.

And again, a Happy New Year!