Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year All!

I started January 1 off in my usual way - a 5K with Club Northwet (not a typo) Resolution Run and Trip and Drip. It was a sloppy day with lots of mud and puddles - great trail conditions. I started out with my friends Paul and Jim and had fun stomping in puddles to try and soak Paul. Of course he had to do the same....There was no use trying to go around the wet stuff - just like on the trail. It was lots of fun!

I wore my new bikini I scored in Waikiki under 3/4 tights and a jacket. No photos but I'll post if the race site has them. As I neared the water I took the jacket off, and also removed my shoes; I just felt like finishing off with a barefoot run! Tom C. was there announcing people passing by and he made sure everyone knew I was going in - hah! The poor volunteer standing in the water (in hip high waders) looked pretty cold and all around I could hear people gasping as they entered the cold. It wasn't so bad and I managed a few Alohas and a Mahalo to him. He returned a stare that said "are you nuts?" It was only when I made the final dip, covering my head, that it got overly bracing. Guess all those hot flashes I have count for something!

After gathering my discarded items (and returning to retrieve a tossed ear warmer - I wasn't in this for time), I had a wonderful sock shod run to the finish, laid my shoe on the mats to get the time, and finished up. Forgot to stop my watch for a minute or so - doh - another reminder time didn't count for me! It was a nice way to start the new year, though I think this has to be the coldest on of all the runs I've done.

I hope you all had a great time celebrating in whatever way you chose! Happy new year - may the new year bring you peace, happiness, and personal fulfillment!


Anonymous said...

Need pictures!

Laura H said...


Backofpack said...

That's plain crazy! Ice baths are bad enough, but into the lake in a bikini on Jan 1? In the PNW? You are one tough cookie.

robtherunner said...

I think I should have joined you, Laura. You know how to ring in the New Year. A polar bear dip has been on my to do list for the 1st for a long time now. You'll have to remind me next year.